Clubhouse Programs

There are a wide range of programs to keep all members engaged regardless of interests.

Work Ordered Day

Work Ordered Day helps us structure our day- each unit has their own task board.

Employment Services

We support members in going back to work. Learn about our Employment Services!

Education Services

Members looking to go back to school can find support  here at the Clubhouse. We connect our students to college resources such as financial aid and Disabilities Resource Center.


Mental and Physical health go hand in hand at the Clubhouse- see how we manage to support both while working together.


We work hard but also enjoy down time! Socials all members to hang out in an environment different than work. We host in-house and outside of the house socials on a weekly basis,

Reach Out

Reaching out to members is a crucial part of our daily task. We effectively reach out to members that have not been around or to congratulate members on accomplishments. Each unit has their own reach out.

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