Programs at California Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an opportunity for its members to work - on their health and well-being,
job training, and education - in a constructive, supportive atmosphere. Members have
the opportunity for social interactions and shared activities that support their growth.

Work-Ordered Day

Clubhouse provides meaningful work for all members through a structure that we call "the workordered day". During business hours, members and staff work together as colleagues to run the programs and do the day-to-day work associated with maintaining the programs. Members volunteer according to their interests.

Transitional & Supportive Employment

Clubhouse contracts with employers, trains members to do the job required, and assures that a member or staff person fulfills the commitment. When ready, members may move on to Supported Employment to get help applying for and acquiring a job of their own.

Community Support

Clubhouse supports members in acquiring affordable housing; critical technology tools; lowcost, nutritious meals; good mental and physical health habits; government disability benefits; and other needed services.

Social, Wellness, & Recreational Programs

Clubhouse schedules structured and non-structured social activities for the members outside the workordered day. On evenings and weekends, members and staff have the opportunity to get to know each other, make friends, explore interests, and have fun.

Educational Opportunities

Clubhouse helps members to complete education that has been disrupted, or to start certificate or degree programs at adult education or academic institutions. Members are also encouraged to tap their talents and abilities to provide educational opportunities in-house.

Personal Connections

Part of the daily work of the Clubhouse involves keeping track of members participation and building community. If a member does not attend Clubhouse for a while, a reach-out communication or visit is made to let the member know that he or she is missed. Teams also visit local hospitals to develop relationships, and invite others to join.

Members Applaud California Clubhouse

They say California Clubhouse has helped broaden and transform their lives, bringing with it dignity, productivity, hope, and many new firednships.

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Growing up, Natalie "Nelly's" life was "heart-wrenching and lonely" having been bullied all through school. After being introduced to the Clubhouse, she changed the point of view that [she] had about [herself] and "didn't feel so alone in the world anymore." The Clubhouse helps distract her from her problems, and the camaraderie helps her "see that there is a bright side to life." "When you have a bad day," she says, "the Clubhouse members and staff turn your bad day into a good day."

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Rick, a long-time member of California Clubhouse has received help in his employment journey. "I'm technically challenged and Clubhouse helped me figure out how to do everything online", "California Clubhouse has never failed me. They keep helping me until I get it right," said Rick. "That's the big positive: California Clubhouse will continue to help me until I get what I need."

Clubhouse is the hope for a happier, healthier and more productive future.