Our Community

Our Clubhouse offers hope, encouragement and opportunities to people who live with mental illness.


Opening Our Doors

California Clubhouse opened its doors in San Mateo County on April 2015.



Our mission is to give those whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness the opportunity to recover meaningful work and relationships as they reintegrate into the broader community.



The Clubhouse is a community of recovery, hope and dignity, empowering people who live with mental illness through work, friendship, resources, support, and an overarching ethic that focuses on building strengths rather than managing illness.

Clubhouse Saves Lives Around the World!

Through over 300 local Clubhouses in more than 30 countries around the world, Clubhouse International offers people living with mental illness opportunities for friendship, employment, housing, education and access to medical and psychiatric services in a single caring and safe environment - this social and economic inclusion reverses the alarming trends of higher suicide, hospitalization and incarceration rates associated with mental illness. Click here to review our Clubhouse International Standards: Quality Standards | Clubhouse International.

Awarded the 2014 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize for extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering.

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Our Clubhouse is a Community

More than a program or social service, our Clubhouse is above all a community of people who are working towards a common goal to get our lives back!

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Our Clubhouse is Participative

Each Clubhouse member participates in consensus-based decision making regarding running the Clubhouse. We are members, not "patients" or "consumers".

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Our Clubhouse Helps End Isolation

Our Clubhouse is organized as a support system, not as a service or treatment program. Inclusion is at the very heart of the Clubhouse way of working.

Our Members Living with Mental Illness Thrive