"One of the staff members asked if I wanted to work on the newsletter and it peaked my curiosity; I wanted to see if it would be the right place for me. Because of the side by side philosophy within the Clubhouse model, I was able to address my fears associated with the computer. I’ve taken a leadership role with the newsletter and now help other members who have the same fear I did when I started."

-Jennifer M., Clubhouse Member

Crane Connection

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Once we arrived at The Meeting Place Clubhouse, the receptionist welcomed us and asked us to sign in. After that, we were led to the work units and I was amazed at how many members had shown up in the early morning! There were between 25 to 30 members when we arrived.

~Sara L.  

It was a memorable walk and a good time was had by all. I like when the Clubhouse goes on hikes and I hope to go on more of them in the future. I hope we can go to some new locations.

Wellness is an important principle at the Clubhouse and the more wellness activities we do the better we’ll be. Happy trails

~Amaal G-G

I love reading to children and it helps my personal growth. My self-confidence and calmness are met. At first I felt a bit nervous, but became more comfortable with the situation. I know I’m influencing their educational success prior to beginning school.

~Geraldine K. 

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September 2016

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August 2016

Stories from the Newsletter

I found this experience very exhausting but also very rewarding. I was very proud of myself and our clubhouse.

~Yvette A.  (August 2016 Issue)

From my experience this was a great chance to learn and see a clubhouse that has been in existence for 28 years. The trainers were wonderful! It showed me what a clubhouse can be.

~Jennifer M. (August 2016 Issue)

On one hand, we encourage each member to do as much as they felt comfortable doing, to pace themselves according to their limits; some of us never know, on any given day, how energized we’ll be; and on another hand, we had a communal goal which required showing up and pitching in. Together we rose to the challenge, dividing the tasks according to our varied abilities, and our preparations resulted in a well-produced, posh event.

~Riley M. (May-June 2016 Issue)

2015 Editions

Stories from the Newsletter

“I am so happy to have found the California Clubhouse. Afternoons were very hard for me. I mostly watched TV and missed human contact. Now I have somewhere to go where people are super friendly. It makes me feel good to do meaningful work and contribute to our community. I am very grateful for the Clubhouse. Coming here has helped my depression tremendously!” – J. M.

~J. M. (December 2015 Issue)

“I’ve been feeling a lot better these past few weeks since I have been coming here (California Clubhouse). I’ve been in mental health for 30 years and this is definitely an appropriate place for me to come. My doctors and case worker likes the fact that I come here and it prevents me from isolating.” – R. D. L.

~R. D. L. (September 2015 Issue)

I am diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. I became severely depressed in August of 2014. I couldn't talk and lost communications with all my friends. My sister, who is a teacher, found out about the California Clubhouse from a counselor, I started going to the Clubhouse on April 27, 2015. I became a founding member and came every day it was open, I helped the Clubhouse to open their doors on May 27, 2015. Slowly I started to talk again and started to get in contact with my friends. I now have an active and healthy life.” – A.C.

~A. C.  (August 2015 Issue)